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An ever expanding vortex, Double Planet spirals outward from the area surrounding Philadelphia. The band draws influences from a wide range of heavy sounds including Corrosion of Conformity, Down, Clutch, Mastodon, Butthole Surfers and many more.  The current five piece transmutation delivers a fusion of hard rock, stoner rock, and classic heavy metal in an uncompromising form.

A long history of musical exploration has led to The Great Divide, a three volume opus that manifests the rage and chaos of the universe straight into your auditory cortex.  Volume 1 (released 2021) boasts the first five songs, which take the listener through a journey that pushes the limits of defined genres.  Their track “Casting Bones” favors the realm of doom and stoner rock, while songs like “Incoherency” lean toward the heavy, thrashy side of the audial spectrum.

Volume 2 (released June 2023), the second installment from The Great Divide, is a six song EP that drops the hammer of justice in a true rock ‘n’ roll fashion. The first offering, “Get It Out”, was released June 2nd. This track sermonizes the need for all of the old hatred, bigotry and racism that’s been passed down through the years to be torn out and discarded.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for Double Planet this year and be sure to catch them live when they are in your area (Events).


“Double Planet is a band that brings a lot of nostalgic feelings to my mind, yet is also able to retain a modern edge in the process”….”The energy, the performances by everyone in the band, is just all there for listeners to consume and enjoy!” ~ Tom’s Reviews (Full Review)

“If you are looking for a combination of Thrash, Doom, and experimental Metal with much heart and soul behind it, check out Double Planet.” ~ Kristin at Outlaw Review

“It’s a hard rock album at heart, but it borrows from so many other bands and sounds that it’s really hard to pinpoint…” ~ Bill Goodman at

Double Planet Is

Mike McCaughan – Vocals

Bill Guy – Guitar / Vocals

Brian “Mac” McMahon – Guitar

Jon Greenhill – Drums

Tony Giunta – Bass

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